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Britain’s Christmas Story

Gareth Malone and Karen Gibson reveal the story of Christmas in Britain from its origins to the banning of the celebration in the 17th century. With each presenter travelling the length of the country to meet historians and musicians, they learned about subjects as diverse as wassailing, plainchant, a Tudor Christmas dinner, the nativity scene, Charles Dickens’ famous story, pub carols, and the riots that followed the banning of Christmas in Cambridge. With a tight edit schedule, each episode also featured full music performances with Gareth and Karen’s own choirs.
Series Producer/Director: Karen Selway  Exec Prod: Rob Unsworth
2 x 60′  Commissioned by Daisy Scalchi for BBC One

Jesus Female Disciples: The New Evidence

Part of Channel 4’s Secret History strand, this film saw academics Helen Bond and Joan Taylor explore the probability that there were as many female disciples as there were male. An interesting editing challenge with an extensive multi-camera car shoot, and a finale that involved re-modelling the parapet of St Peter’s basilica to insert the lost female statues.
2018/60mins. Minerva Media for Channel 4.

What’s the Point of Forgiveness?

Historian Bettany Hughes looks at the concept and practice of forgiveness from pre-Christianity, through the Crusades and Reformation, to modern examples including Truth and Reconciliation in South Africa, and the 9/11 attacks.
Director: Jonathan Mayo.

Canterbury Catherdral

2014/3 x 60’/BBC2
Observational documentary series following a year in the life of the staff, congregation and visitors to this 12th Century Cathedral which is a World Heritage site. Ser Prod: Graham Johnston. Exec Prod: Julian Mercer

The Lost Gospels

Peter Owen Jones travels the Middle East, Rome and England in search of evidence for the seventy or so texts that could have been contenders for a place in the New Testament, but were deemed too heretical or politically inconvenient.
Producer/Director: Anna Cox
RTS Award: Neil Harvey, Director of Photography: Oustanding Achievement in Craft

How God Made the English

Diarmaid MacCulloch on the bearing of religious belief on the history of the English character, from Bede to Blair. His polemic explores an English self-belief that stems back to the chosen people of the Old Testament.
Director: Anna Cox. Executive Producer: Jean Claude Bragard

The Story of the Turban

A BBC 1 film tracing the history of the turban in the Sikh religion, from its roots in Moghul India, through the battlefields of Europe, to the fight for British Sikhs to wear it without fear, including the law change regarding motorcycle helmets and the fight over Midlands bus uniforms. It reveals that the turban is a crucial symbol of faith – one that Sikhs will even risk their lives for.

Great British Islam

Documentary about the British Victorian and Edwardian converts who found ground-breaking ways to dispel suspicion and prejudice towards Muslims, prevalent in the late 19th Century.

The Most Dangerous Man in Tudor England

Melvyn Bragg’s landmark film on the martyred translator of the Bible into English. Part of the Tudor series of documentaries for BBC2. Dir: Anna Cox. Exec Prod: Mike Smith.

Around the world in 80 faiths

2009/3 x 60’/BBC 2/Travel Channel
Three episodes of the award-winning 8 part series, following Peter Owen Jones as he travels across the world investigating the state of religion and belief.
Episode Director/Producers: Kevin Jarvis/Tom Sheahan/Rob Cowling.
Series producer Graham Johnston.
Radio Times Audience Award, Sandford St Martin Awards. RTS Nominee – Best Factual Series 2009