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Homestay China

Three part series for National Geographic with three presenters each embedding with remote communities in rural China. As a travelogue and observational show, this gave an insight into the challenges facing these minority groups, and how they are using their skills and customs to thrive in a 21st century industrial nation.
SP: Simon Phillips  Exec: Liz McLeod
3 x 60 mins   Meridian Line Films for National Geographic

The Lost Gospels

Peter Owen Jones travels the Middle East, Rome and England in search of evidence for the seventy or so texts that could have been contenders for a place in the New Testament, but were deemed too heretical or politically inconvenient.
Producer/Director: Anna Cox
RTS Award: Neil Harvey, Director of Photography: Oustanding Achievement in Craft

Rome – A History of the Eternal City

Simon Sebag Montefiore views the Eternal City from the perspective of its pagan past, which informs its layout and rituals that are still seen today.
Director: Anna Cox. Executive Producer: Mike Smith

Byzantium – A Tale of Three Cities

Simon Sebag Montefiore tells the history of one of the greatest holy imperial cities, and its transformation from Byzantium to Constantinople to Istanbul. Prod Dir Anna Cox. Exec Prod: Mike Smith

1984: A Sikh Story

25 years ago, the storming of The Golden Temple, most sacred to Sikhs, by the Indian Army led to protests around the world, and the assasination of Indira Gandhi. Sonia Deol unravels the harrowing events of this year. Merit Award, Sandford St Martin Trust 2010.
Director: Anna Cox. Executive Producer: Tommy Nagra.

Around the world in 80 faiths

2009/3 x 60’/BBC 2/Travel Channel
Three episodes of the award-winning 8 part series, following Peter Owen Jones as he travels across the world investigating the state of religion and belief.
Episode Director/Producers: Kevin Jarvis/Tom Sheahan/Rob Cowling.
Series producer Graham Johnston.
Radio Times Audience Award, Sandford St Martin Awards. RTS Nominee – Best Factual Series 2009

The Dead Seas Scrolls

2006/90’/BBC4 – BBC2
Sixty years after their discovery by a goat herder and his uncle, these 2000 year-old documents are the earliest written copies of the Hebrew Bible. Rageh Omar looks at their story, with its attendant political and religious intrigue, treasure hunts, cover-ups and modern scientific assessments.
Producer/Director: Jonathan Mayo

Sacred Wonders of Britain

Ep 3 2014/60’/BBC2
Neil Oliver looks at the story of how our island has been shaped by belief – from the end of the Ice Age through to Henry VIII’s Reformation in the 16th Century. Dir/Prod: Graham Johnston. Ser Prod: Martin Kemp

Jerusalem: The Making of a Holy City

Part of Simon Sebag Montefiore’s series on a city that has changed hands so many times, that it bears a wealth of stories, architecture and symbolism for countless people through history.
Director: Karen Selway. Executive Producer: Bill Lyons.